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May 20, 2022
Kitchen - modern kitchen idea in Toronto

Need a change? Thinking of renovating? Tired of your existing kitchen? You’re not alone!

Spring brings with it a time of renewal, and in Toronto and the GTA, homes are buzzing with new changes and improvements. So, in case you’re thinking of doing the same, we’ve outlined some important points to help get you started with the planning process.

When it comes to renovations, kitchens tend to be one of the most costly, and requires a fair amount of planning. For that reason, doing your research, a detailed plan, and setting a realistic budget are all key factors in achieving the kitchen renovation that you’ve been dreaming of!

Do your research. Get out there. Visit stores and showrooms. Search online and check websites. Get an idea of the products and services available; while getting an understanding of the price ranges for the various styles, materials and features in the market.

Start planning.  Discover what works for you and your home. There’s an endless array of designs, styles, and outstanding kitchens out there. However, if they’re not in sync with your home’s existing space and decor, then the new kitchen will not fit gracefully with it’s surroundings. It is best to get an idea of the colours and styles that you’d like to see in your home and choose one or two options that you think would work best in your space.

Get accurate measurements! Often showrooms and companies will ask you to bring in measurements when designing your kitchen and getting pricing. An inch can make a big difference and can alter the overall look of your kitchen and whole space in general.

Set a realistic budget. Take everything into consideration. People are often deterred from doing renovations or starting large projects because they’re afraid that they will go over budget and spend more than they anticipated (which is a valid fear, and you are not alone). That’s why doing your research before hand is so crucial!

We suggest setting a budget range, rather than a set amount. That way, you can use the lower end of the range as your target – but if you reach the higher end of your budget range by the end of the project, you’re still technically within your budget, and this goes a long way in keeping your peace of mind. You can also, save money with a look alike. Don’t be afraid of alternatives – there are numerous options in today’s market for cabinet doors, countertops, configurations and hardware. For example, many wooden doors come in an MDF/Thermofoil option, and even offer glazes which make the door look like wood. You can achieve the same look while keeping costs a little lower.

Take into consideration labour prices (such as installations, contractors, etc.) when planning your budget range. Hiring a reputable contractor can help reduce undesirable complications, and they may even have useful tips to save you time and money throughout your renovation.

Leave with this. Research, plan, and budget.

  • Make sure everything is set and planned before moving all of your items out of the space.  It’s uncomfortable living in a limbo with unfinished projects around your home.
  • Cheaper doesn’t always mean better. You get what you pay for. That’s why it is important to do your research and get an understanding of the price ranges of what you are looking for. Be informed.
  • Friends and family will always give constructive and destructive suggestions. Consult professionals in each area before making a decision, (for example regarding cabinets, flooring, or contractor projects).
  • Opt for functionality and maximize kitchen storage when planning your kitchen. It will pay off in the long run.

“Marry your kitchen style to the rest of your home.” Your kitchen is a part of your home that is lived in and used often, yet it is sometimes overlooked. Create a space that you love to spend time in!