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May 20, 2022
Kitchen - transitional kitchen idea in Toronto

When it comes to a kitchen or bathroom design, a great starting point is your door selection. With so many styles, colors and materials available it can be hard to decide which door style fits your taste and budget. Cabinet doors are the most important element of your kitchen, and selecting the right one begins with knowing the difference in door styles, the look they will create, and what you should expect to pay. Here is a simple breakdown to help you  decide which style is right for you and your budget.


The Shaker door style stands as the most popular door today. It features a simple framed border around the door, and can be made of solid wood or thermofoil. The Shaker door has gained popularity for a few reasons, primarily because of its versatility. Whether you’re looking for a modern look or a classical one, a shaker door in the right color will work very well.

The shaker door varies in price based on the material used. Shaker doors are available in a 5-piece solid oak or maple, or MDF wrapped in thermofoil, with the latter being less expensive.


The flat cabinet door style is a simple door that creates a minilalist look because of it’s lack of details. Flat doors are available in melamine, thermofoil and solid wood. This door style is a perfect choice for modern interiors, especially those looking for invigorating colours and high-gloss lacquers that aren’t available in the natural wood selection.

Flat doors are typically the most budget friendly, and when they’re paired with the right counter top and accessories they can be one of the most chic.



This door style is timeless and has lasted for generations, and presumably will continue to do so. Classical style cabinet doors are usually made of solid wood, which explains the higher price tag. Although recently, thermofoil alternatives have been introduced to the market to create the illusion of a detailed solid wood door at a slightly lower cost. For an elegant classical kitchen, this door style is accented with moldings and furniture-style details throughout the space.



Vintage doesn’t always have to mean old – you can create an updated vintage look with simple door styles, the right door pulls and glass accents.

Similar to classical style cabinet doors, the vintage style usually boasts solid doors but with less intricate details. A common approach to bringing this look to life is adding exposed hinges and bun-feet around base cabinets.

These doors fall in a similar price point as classical doors, however they can cost less depending on the details and color selection.